China has its own regulations for TikTok sales


New Chinese export restrictions could make it difficult to sell the TikTok video app. Donald Trump enforced negotiations on the sale of TikTok through an injunction. The app belongs to the Chinese company ByteDance. According to new rules of the People’s Republic, among other things, “IT technology with personalization based on data analysis” and operation with the help of artificial intelligence may only be sold abroad with Beijing’s permission.

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce published these new rules, which also affect TikTok, on Friday. US President Donald Trump describes TikTok as a security risk because Chinese secret services and the military could gain access to data from American users via the app. With reference to this, he banned American companies and citizens from doing business with TikTok in early August. The ban is due to take effect in mid-September. Without a sale, TikTok threatens to end in the USA.

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TikTok rejects the allegation. Since the service is not available in the People’s Republic, Chinese law would not affect TikTok. The data are safe. TikTok has now filed a lawsuit against Trump. In addition, an American TikTok employee who wants to receive his salary without the risk of jail has sued Trump.

Walmart wants to take over TikTok together with Microsoft – although Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates warns Microsoft of a TikTok takeover. Twitter is also interested in TikTok, as is a group of venture capitalists along with Oracle.

British investor Centricus, together with Triller, is ready to $ 20 billion to acquire the TikTok business payable in the US, Australia, New Zealand and India. That has Bloomberg reported on Friday. Triller is a US company that also operates a video app and would like to record the many millions of TikTok users. In India, however, TikTok has been blocked since the end of June.


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