China to enact laws to protect doctors

China will enact a new law in 2020 to prevent violence against healthcare workers in hospitals. The law, announced after the murder of a doctor in Beijing, plans to avoid this ugly picture in the field of health.

Chinese government, to prevent violence against doctors proposed a law. The announcement of this law, one of the women's nurses working in a hospital in Beijing, the capital of China stabbing to death next came.

According to a statement from the state media, no new institution or individual, thanks to the new law will not threaten and use physical violence.. This new law protects healthcare workers. June 1, 2020 is scheduled to enter into force on.

Yang Weni worked in the emergency department of Beijing Civil Aviation General. On December 24, he was attacked with a knife by a man and died. According to information from the Chinese media, the man who carried out the attack is a relative of a patient being treated in the emergency department. Zhao Ning from the National Health Commission said: Yasa We are both overwhelmed by the attack and are very angry about this attack. ”

The new law will provide for large penalties for those who endanger the safety of health workers

chinese doctor

The recent murders of doctors in China's hospitals not the first attack. The information obtained from CGTN is only available at least during 2018. 12 violence in the hospital, and That two employees lost their lives pointing out. A recent study by Dingxiang Yuan, a website for healthcare workers, that 85% of health workers are exposed to violence uncovered. This situation forces health workers to ask the following question; "Doctors are here to protect the people. And who's there to protect the doctors?"

In the Lancet health magazine, doctors working in hospitals in China life security threatened claim.


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In October 2019, a female doctor working in Lanzhou Hospital, by cancer patient Stabbed. In August 2018, a doctor working at Tianjin Hospital, stabbed by three men he lost his life. A few months ago, a doctor working in Anhui District, after a discussion with a patient's husband. stabbed to death.

Some hospitals, who want to prevent these attacks from causing deaths, defense arts even began to give lessons. China's new law will come into force next year, thanks to the attacks to a great extent Scheduled.