China Uses Drone to Fight Corona Virus


The Chinese government has started using drones to combat the Corona virus, which has been affecting many major cities for some time. These drones taking off in many cities are used to warn citizens.

China, which appeared in late 2019, has caused many deaths. With Corona virus he uses all kinds of ways to fight. One of these roads looks like drone flying over the city of Shenzhen. Rapidly spreading images on Twitter are available in many cities across the country. drones shows that it has started to be used.

Chinese officials, especially those drones to alert citizens uses. The first of these warnings is from Chinese citizens to protect against Corona virus infection that is transmitted by airborne bacteria. the mask asking them to wear drones with speakers is done through. This way, citizens can be warned about wearing masks.

The second warning method is Drones with QR code printed posters is done through. When citizens read this code via mobile phones health conditions Saving. Authorities probably use these records to track citizens' health and provide information.

The Corona virus continues to adversely affect many industries:

Although the virus has been largely kept in China so far, many industries It continues to affect negatively. As you know, many companies will be held in Barcelona, ​​Spain due to the epidemic. From the Mobile World Congress (MWC) had announced that it would withdraw.

MWC 2020

The withdrawal decisions that came one after another from many giant companies negatively affected the course of the event and to cancel the event the decision was made. Statements made by GSMA CEO John Hoffman put the event in an extremely difficult situation as the cause of the cancellation decision. Corona virus outbreak It was shown.


First Death in Europe Due to Corona Virus

News from France today in the morning, An 80-year-old Chinese tourist He reported that he died at the hospital where he was treated in Paris for the Corona virus. With this news of death, in Europe It was the first time that a person died due to the Corona virus. The cancellation of an event in Europe with the participation of tens of thousands of people can therefore be a very reasonable decision.

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