China’s Nuclear Power Plant Project Could Avoid Disasters

Aiming to become carbon neutral by 2060, China is working on a nuclear power plant project that is much safer than conventional power plants. Thanks to the project, both nuclear accidents will be prevented and the wastes of the power plant will be much more ‘safe’.

Although nuclear reactors are efficient sources of energy, many people rightly doubt their long-term safety and are concerned about the amount of water they consume. However, these concerns may be alleviated by a project that China is currently working on.

According to a new report, China first ‘clean’ commercial nuclear reactor Work continues to build. In the project in question, it is planned to use liquid thorium and molten salt to prevent hazards.

The project will be completed in 2030


Although conventional uranium reactors are considered necessary for developed and developing countries, the risk they carry for the environment is very serious. Wastes from such power plants It can remain radioactive in nature for up to 10 thousand years. That’s why advanced security and lead containers are required. However, even after these are provided, the probability of disasters like Chernobyl is not zero.

China is preparing to build a safe and ‘clean’ nuclear power plant to mitigate these dangers. The first reactor prototype will be completed in August according to plan. Tests of this reactor will be carried out in September. Completion of the actual facility, which is still operational, will likely take 2030.


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Liquid thorium and molten salt the wastes produced in the power plant to be used, in a much shorter time due to the materials used; It will lose its radioactive effect in 500 years. In case of any leakage, the drying of the molten salt will also make the accidents much smaller and preventable. In addition, the water used in large bags in conventional nuclear power plants will not be needed in these power plants. This project will be one of the biggest backers of China’s plans to become ‘carbon neutral’ by 2060.

Here is the video where we entered Turkey’s “Chernobyl” with 7291 times more radiation than normal:

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