China’s Out of Control Rocket Crashed in the Indian Ocean


The Long March 5B rocket, launched by China on April 29 and carrying the main module of the country’s own space station, crashed today after several days of uncontrolled wandering. The rocket, losing control and roaming in orbit, landed in the Indian Ocean, close to predictions.

China, as part of its plans to build its own space station, on April 29, 22 tons carrying the station’s main module Long March 5B had launched his rocket. But control of the rocket was lost after launch, and the rocket began to travel around the Earth at more than 25,000 kilometers per hour.

The rocket, which is expected to enter the atmosphere and crash to the earth between May 8 – 10, is exactly at the expected time interval, fell to the world this morning. The Chinese Office of Manned Aerospace Engineering announced that the rocket was at 10.24 Chinese time. (TSÄ° 05.24) It was stated that he fell near the Maldives. According to the website where you can instantly track the position of the rocket, the rocket, He entered the atmosphere 7 hours ago.

The rocket completed its mission but could not return:

long march 5b

The Long March 5B rocket, the first piece of the station and its core module, charged with laying the foundations for China’s creation of its own station in space. He successfully carried Tienhi into space. The module separated from the rocket and sat in its planned orbit. But in the mission, the main body of the rocket also had to land at a pre-planned point on Earth.


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With the rocket out of control, the world began to work on where the rocket could fall. The US Department of Defense stated in a statement that the rocket could crash into a desert in Turkmenistan this morning. The rocket is in a position that can be considered close to predictions, To the indian ocean fell. Some provinces from Turkey were among the regions where the rocket could crash.

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