Chinese Vaccine Coronovac 80 Percent Effective in Preventing Deaths

Last week, after China officially stated that vaccines did not provide high protection, this time it was announced that the vaccine prevented deaths by 80 percent.

Coronavac vaccine results were shared with the public in Chile. Deaths from Coronavac COVID-19 virus, according to data from vaccinated people 80 percent preventing the rate. However, it was stated that the vaccine was 67 percent effective in preventing symptoms caused by the virus.

Sinovacvaccine produced by Coronavac Gao Fu, the head of the Chinese Center for Disease Control, made it clear at the press conference that their vaccines did not have high protection rates. Now, official statements from Chile show that the vaccine is 80 percent effective in preventing deaths.

Brazil announced the effectiveness rate of the vaccine as 50.4 percent.


BrazilThe effectiveness rate of Coronavac vaccine 50.4 percent as explained. When we look at it, it is 17 percent less, based on Chile’s statement. In the same tests BioNTech-Pfizer The effectiveness level of the vaccine was said to be 97 percent. In addition, the efficiency level of Sinopharm vaccine, another vaccine developed in China, was reported to be 79 percent.


China Announces That Self-Developed Vaccines Do Not Have High Protection Rate

Of countries “Age of the population, vaccination rate, number of cases” At this point, the necessity of evaluating data such as the whole draws attention. It is not yet clear how well the vaccines work due to inconsistencies between the data. Mathematically, while the proportions differ significantly, mRNA It is also very thought-provoking that passive vaccines attract more attention than vaccines. Of course, there is also a situation like: Wang Huaqing’a according to Coronavac’s guardianship Longer than 6 months progress.

What do you think about it? While it is stated that China will make new initiatives especially in mRNA vaccines, do you think vaccines are really protective?

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