Chip leak: “iPhone 12” not before October


Apple itself had to admit that there will be delays with the 2020 iPhones at the end of July. However, the group did not give any specific dates at the time. It is now becoming increasingly clear that users will have to wait for new Apple smartphones until October. Apple’s important supplier Broadcom, which produced a kind of chip leak itself over the weekend, has now provided initial confirmation.

The manufacturer of wireless components – for example for WLAN and Bluetooth – announced to analysts that it would be this year a “later ramp-up” of its major annual shipments of chips give. Since Broadcom now makes a fifth of its sales with components for Apple – it was already in 2019 – everything looks like iPhone deliveries will slide into the last quarter of 2020, i.e. October.

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More from Mac & i

Broadcom’s approach is reminiscent of Qualcomm’s. Shortly before Apple’s own announcement, the supplier of the basebands in the “iPhone 12” had spoken publicly that there would be a delayed global market launch of a “5G flagship phone”, which in turn has an impact on the revenue situation. Apple CFO Luca Maestri said at the end of July that the “iPhone 12” would be available “a few weeks later than usual”. That could mean October, but in the worst case even November.

The new iPhone should be available in 2020 in larger numbers than ever before. Apple’s four planned models are “iPhone 12” (5.4 “),” iPhone 12 Max “(6.1”) and “iPhone 12 Pro” (6.1 “) and the said” iPhone 12 Pro Max “, which comes with 6.7 inches is likely to have the largest screen ever on an iPhone. With the iPhone 11 from 2019, Apple had limited itself to three models. In addition to 5G functionality, Apple should finally work on the appearance of the devices again.


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