Chromium: Developer tools for Microsoft Edge support two screens


Microsoft is working on Developer tools for Microsoft Edgethat should make the browser ready for dual-screen devices. Development teams that create their own add-ons for the Chromium version can try them out with Devtools by offering an emulation of Microsoft’s smartphone Surface Duo. This is
a virtualized version of the smartphone for testing programs on it. It can also be used to adapt websites for use with dual-screen devices. The software is scheduled for release in July 2020.

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If some lead time is added, it is likely that Microsoft will launch the duo later this year – in the third or fourth quarter of 2020. The Android phone will be Microsoft’s first dual-screen device. It’s also the company’s first smartphone since the end of Windows 10 Mobile. Windows 10X devices like the Surface Neo will probably be released later.

Surface Duo and Samsung Galaxy Fold

Microsoft had it in May 2020 Dual screen emulation for Chromium Edge introduced. At this time, in addition to the Surface Duo, the Samsung Galaxy Fold was also mentioned as another dual-screen device. Competitive products like the Huawei Mate XS also have foldable displays and can benefit from dual-screen optimization.

Since Edge is part of the Chromium project, other browsers based on it can also benefit from it. This includes Google Chrome, the currently most used browser. This could be an incentive for web design teams to customize their own products for two screens. However, the device category must still generally prevail. Foldables are currently more of an expensive niche product.

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