CIA’s Incredible Project Against the Soviets: Spy Cats

It was announced that the US Central Intelligence Agency CIA made a very interesting attempt to leak information from the Soviet Union during the Cold War. The aim of this project was to turn cats into spies.

One of the most beloved creatures of the world, and therefore the Internet, is unquestionably. cats. These lovely friends are the subject of various studies from time to time. The CIA’s research using cats is a little too extraordinary.

At the end of the Second World War USA and the Soviet Unionwas in serious competition over which economic system was most beneficial to people and which ideology should be supported. Seeing that the use of nuclear weapons in their hands would bring the end of the planet, the two superpowers of the period were involved in conflicts in other regions and engaged in an intelligence war with each other. Cold War Era It started the period called.

I didn’t tell the password, the cat said it


According to the information revealed US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), 1960s Acoustic Kitty (Akustik Kedicik) He started a project that he named. The aim of this project was to enable the cats, where some equipment was surgically placed, to be used as spies.

Invisible to the body of the cats microphone, transmitter, battery and antenna The Americans who placed them wanted to do the first attempt by listening to the people speaking in the park outside the USSR Embassy in Washington. The mission failed when a taxi crushed the cat.


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That cats are trained to spy the first documents were announced in 2001. In 2013, it was shared that the project was abandoned in 1967. If the cost of the project to the USA 20 million dollars (approximately 167 million TL) as announced.

They also tried to control the cats



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CIA agents to cats While not just installing spying equipmentAt that time, they also tried to train cats to sneak into Soviet buildings and to listen. Even at that time to remotely control the cat’s movements It is stated that studies have also been done.

Probably CIA agents who had never fed a cat before the project, cats’ tendency to move with their heads realizing that they would not be a good agent because of the reason, he decided to terminate it. It is remarkable that they come to this conclusion after seven years and spending 20 million dollars.

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