Circular from the Ministry to Corner Yellow Taxis


The Ministry of Interior has taken a new step regarding yellow taxis. The ministry, which sent a new circular to 81 provincial governors, announced that commercial taxis would be inspected. During these inspections, even banning taxis from traffic will come to the fore.

The Ministry of Interior has issued a new circular regarding yellow taxis, which cause problems throughout Turkey, even though they are more prominent in Istanbul due to its population. sent to the governorship of 81 provinces.Commercial Taxi InspectionsThe circular named ” affects all yellow taxis across the country. When we look at the circular of the Ministry of Interior, new commercial taxis are available. sanctions have been We can easily say.

There are two points that draw the most attention in the circular of the Ministry of Interior regarding commercial taxis. The first of these, traffic ban. So much so that taxi drivers will be banned from traffic if it is determined that they have chosen passengers. On the other hand; law enforcement now they will conduct inspections as civilians. For example, a plainclothes policeman will take a taxi and get into this taxi like a passenger and perform inspections. The plainclothes police will also fine the taxi drivers during these inspections.

Here are the articles in the circular

commercial taxi

  • For reasons such as short distance/traffic density in taxis of the passenger regarding not receiving If the issue is determined ex officio during the inspections with complaints/applications, the security units will eliminate the grievances of the passengers.
  • Necessary legal action, in coordination with the relevant chamber and municipality, about taxi drivers who insist on not picking up the passenger.including traffic ban) to do.
  • Increasing commercial taxi inspections used in intercity buses civilian personnel inspections will also be implemented for commercial taxis.
  • Taxi passengers experience grievances about Communication information regarding the channels (municipalities, chamber of tradesmen, etc.) where they can send their complaints will be shared with the public.

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