Claim from Second Hand Tesla Parts from a Hacker

A hacker with a white hat, dubbed GreenTheOnly, made a confusing claim about Tesla. Saying that he bought a second-hand Tesla media control unit over the internet, the hacker said that he had accessed the information of the previous owner of the unit.

One of the most important names in the automobile industry is undoubtedly Tesla. While the company manages to impress consumers with its electric motor vehicles, it directly affects other names in the sector. Now, Tesla has come up with a new model or a different topic than technology. A claim made by a hacker is more than enough for Tesla owners may disturb.

Tesla is almost like a car model that it launched. personal assistant makes it. In addition to autonomous driving systems in its vehicles, Tesla adds many digital systems and facilitates the lives of consumers with these systems. does not care looks like. At least this is the case with a hacker with a white hat.


"greentheonly"A hacker with a white hat, nicknamed, bought a second-hand Tesla piece on eBay. The hacker bought it containing all the information of Tesla owners. was the media control unit. This unit was the section where the operations such as calling someone through the commands of consumers, accessing e-mails, tracking messages and locations, accessing registered Wi-Fi passwords were made and controlled. Allegedly, GreenTheOnly was able to access the information of the former owner of the product from the second hand media control unit it bought.


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According to the hacker's claims, Tesla was able to not encrypted. Moreover, the sale of these products as second hand means that the information contained in the units are erased in a healthy way. does not come. As such, users' data is made accessible by the new owner of the unit when the unit changes hands.

Media control unit containing all user data of Tesla


Tesla's inability to encrypt user data and not perform an automatic data deletion when products will change hands is a controversial issue. However, it is clear that the user is responsible for the data over time that he will sell a product as much as the manufacturer. After all, when we sell the phone we use, we blame ourselves, not the manufacturers, when we forget to delete the data inside.

Tesla did not make any statements due to the incident. But CNBCmade some statements on this topic. In the statements made, the hacker claims of GreenTheOnly first time It was stated that it did not come to the agenda and that some security problems related to Tesla were discussed before.

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