Clickbait’s Trailer With Turkish Subtitles Has Been Released


The trailer of Clickbait, Netflix’s new thriller and action-packed mini-series, has been released with Turkish subtitles. The series will revolve around a missing family man.

Netflix, one of the largest video services in the world, comes up with a new production every day. The new version of the platform, on the other hand, has the feature to bring action and thriller lovers together.

Released on Netflix on August 25”ClickbaitThe trailer for the mini-series ” was released on the Netflix Turkey YouTube account. Just from 8 parts in the lead role of the series to be formed Adrian Greiner where.

Is it all for viewing?

Clickbait, a beloved father, husband, and brother, but one day disappeared It takes shape around Nick Brewer. Nick, who has not been heard from, appears on a website and in the article he is holding, “I harass women. I will die at 5 million viewsHe is holding a banner that says ‘. Nick’s brother and family will race against time and find Nick before it’s too late. will try to save. events in each episode of the series through the eyes of a different character We’ll see.

The cast of the series is very rich. Jessica Collins, Camaron Engels and Daniel Henshall are the producers of the series. Tom Ayres ve Christian White sharing. White, who is also the writer of the series, announced that he is very hopeful about the series. Brad Anderson is sitting in the director’s chair of the series.


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Clickbait, which will be full of action and tension, will be released on Netflix on August 25.

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