Climate crisis: Facebook should refrain from advertising the fossil industry


Climate protectors demand from Facebook to refrain from ads of the fossil industry. With the hashtag #FossilFreeFacebook The organization is soliciting a petition.

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An advertising ban for particularly unethical products on Facebook would be no novelty. So points out that Facebook is already no advertising for tobacco products or for Weapons accepted,

In the past, Facebook has already responded to demands from climate change activists. So the corporation has the goal of getting its data centers off 2020 only to operate with renewable energy, Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg had US President Trump in Year 2017 criticized for itthat the United States has dropped out of the Paris Climate Change Agreement, and said that this decision "risking the future of our children",

"Facebook says it is committed to fighting climate change", the organizers write the petition. "But the willingness to accept money from the companies responsible for the collapse of the climate says otherwise."

Recently, there have been several initiatives that demand more climate protection from large IT companies. Amazon employees have complained in an open letter that the group is struggling too little to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Previously, the Gizmodo website revealed that all major cloud companies are working closely with oil companies and have their own departments providing services to the fossil industry.

Climate scientists assume that global warming by more than 1.5 or even 2 degrees would have hardly any controllable effects. But to achieve this goal, carbon dioxide emissions would have to be reduced very quickly, and within a few decades, the burning of fossil fuels would have to be completely stopped. Recently, there were several indications that the previous climate models were too optimistic. Recalculations with current data indicate that the increased carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere too significantly higher levels of warming than previously thought,