Clubhouse; Is It A Balloon Or The ‘Social Media Of The Future’?


Wherever we turn our heads lately, we come across something called Clubhouse. However, not everyone can join because the invitation code is required. So what’s happening to us inside? Does Clubhouse, which does not fall out of the people’s tongue, really shape the social media of the future, or is it a bubble that will soon go out?

One of the wishes of nobody for 2021 was not a new social media platform, but it did. Clubhouse Although it was launched in April 2020, it has recently begun to make a name for itself, especially in our country. In fact, it made its name so much that some people started getting annoyed by it even before this platform became popular enough. Well; What is a clubhouse, what’s going on inside?

There are two very important reasons why the platform attracts attention or makes a name for itself; It is used only with an invitation code and the content consists of only voice chat rooms. Both situations aren’t what we’re used to. We know that social media is a place where everyone can freely enter and exit and share articles and images. Clubhouse, on the other hand, He compares them to situations they were not used to before.

What does Clubhouse offer to its users?


Clubhouse; Alpha Exploration Co. and was first made available to users in April 2020. The platform, which gained popularity step by step with the COVID-19 pandemic, has more than 2 million active users today. Only iOS users are sent by another member of the platform. can use with invitation code Although it is a platform, it has a rapid rise.

There are no articles in Clubhouse, no direct message feature, no visuals, no like button; Only There are rooms where you can chat with voice. In chat rooms opened by a user anywhere in the world, people whose only common point is sometimes just being there are chatting.

The topics discussed in the platform rooms are quite diverse; makeup secrets, Mars journey, future technology, stories of deception, US elections, relationships that tire couples and more. However, one of the most talked about topics is the Clubhouse itself. Because even users cannot be sure what this new, unconventional platform is.

Who are the Clubhouse users?


Currently Clubhouse users; only mobile device users with an invitation code and iOS operating system. The audience of the platform is very limited but despite this, the number of users is increasing day by day. The version that you can download from the Play Store for Android will also be released soon, but there is no clear date on the subject.

The reason why Clubhouse is being talked about so much is its users. You come in You come across dozens of famous names. Journalists, actors, singers, YouTube influencers, influencers, representatives of famous brands, NASA employees, advertisers, digital media experts and politicians.

When such a famous name that attracts the attention of the media is on this platform and no one knows what exactly is going on here, many news material also comes out. Important names feel as if we are talking to us, but there are thousands of people in the chat room at that moment, and the words spoken can sometimes be striking enough to make headlines.

Of course, it is not true to say that all Clubhouse users are famous and important names. However, some industry workers Clubhouse and similar innovations They are on the platform because they love to be one of the first to try. The feeling of us chatting is sweet to everyone, but what will happen when the platform’s membership increases recently?

Are podcasts coming to an end?


The most discussed topic in Clubhouse chat rooms, especially by podcast producers; Clubhouse Whether podcasts can replace subject. Because the logic is exactly the same. People who love to talk and are experts in their field speak in a chatroom and sometimes thousands of people listen to them.

The most important point where the radio and podcast system differs from classical social media; listeners can do other jobs at the same time that they were. Clubhouse offers exactly that. You can listen to what is spoken in a chat room while the application is running in the background or when the phone screen is locked.

The point of Clubhouse similar to radio but different from podcast is that it is live. In that moment in a chat room You can listen to a chat you love until it ends. However, there is no record of these conversations. Sometimes when you start listening right in the middle of a conversation, you may not understand the subject. Of course, the chat title may have already changed.

A conversation that starts with the title of technology can sometimes go to unexpected places because it is not a pre-prepared program. Of course This situation also has pleasant points, However, we can say that it is leaving radio and podcast at this point. Because now his recordings are also broadcast, you can listen to the subject-oriented speakers prepared beforehand in a radio show or podcast section whenever you want.

Interaction illusion:


When you enter a public chat room, you can see the users who are there. In many chat rooms Names that will be difficult to meet in daily life can come out. Clubhouse gives its users this sense of intimacy. You do not only look at famous names from a distance, you even get the chance to chat with them. Well, is it really so?

Generally, the person who starts a chat room determines the functioning of the chat room as a conference. So there is a subject, there are experts on the subject, there are guests speaking about the subject according to the participation and there are other users, that is, the audience. It is very enjoyable to listen to important names that will not come together easily, but In Clubhouse, listeners are more passive than any other platform.

In the live broadcast of other social media platforms at least with your text messages You can reach people who broadcast. However, Clubhouse raises a hand in chat rooms and you can only speak if the moderator permits. Of course, you have the opportunity to talk in groups that are not too crowded, for entertainment purposes, but Clubhouse offers; together with famous names, the feeling of being us is an illusion.

Clubhouse and similar future social media?


One of the most discussed topics in Clubhouse chat rooms, especially by digital media experts The future of the Clubhouse. Even the users of the platform are wondering about the potential for advertising, what will happen when the number of users increases, whether it will create its own celebrities.

The concept is really good; make up, be stylish, look at what is in the background, pay attention to language rules, You can get information about different topics, join conversations, meet new people by simply entering a chat room without the need for thousands of followers or effects programs.

It is very difficult to speak in a chat room with hundreds of people if you are not famous. as a listener you are completely passive. Since the chats are live and not recorded, you can only listen if you catch it, like in the one-channel television era. These are features that can be considered negative according to user habits.

Currently, many important names in the Clubhouse platform, many Chat rooms on the remarkable topic make up. Clubhouse seems to be more successful as an online conferencing app rather than a social media platform. It is not known what will happen as the number of users increases, but we can say that it will continue to be mentioned for a while and to attract users with pleasant chat rooms.

What is the clubhouse? What is happening inside? highlights of the platform we told. If you are a Clubhouse user, you can share your experience and your thoughts on the future of this platform in the comments.