Codes That Created ‘World Wide Web’ Will Be Sold Via NFT

The codes that make the Internet as we know it today, the ‘World Wide Web’, are on sale. Tim Berners-Lee’s 32-year-old archive of thousands of lines; It will be sold as NFT. Sotheby’s will host the auction session.

One of the most surprising inventions that cryptocurrencies have gained this year is undoubtedly one of the most surprising inventions introduced to the masses. NFT it happened. in the virtual environment artwork, celebrity photos, tweets, even ‘memes’ this type of cryptocurrency used to sell; It’s been an allowance for selling many things we’ve seen on the internet for years. However, it’s time for a work with spiritual value that we can call ‘the internet itself’.

The internet as we know it today, which will change the world forever, 1989 was invented in. hiatus 32 years passed And now we are able to do virtually any business online. Therefore, we would not be making a mistake if we call the code that provides this a historical artifact.

‘World Wide Web’in the inventor ‘TimBLAlso known as ‘ Tim Berners-Lee; announced that he would sell the code he wrote to create the internet network as NFT. British computer scientist, besides code 30 minute animation and a letter he wrote himself will also be presented to the buyer.

The code that created the internet will go on sale via NFT

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Tim Berners-Lee has put up for sale his code, which we’re thankful he wrote 32 years ago. NFT sales also started selling the code that created the ‘World Wide Web’. Sotheby’s assumed. The company’s work to be sold at auction “codes of the first browser where users can manage files with links on a network of computers” described as.

NFT artifact, containing the aforementioned codes; time stamped and An archive of 9,555 lines will contain. A 30-minute animation showing the moments of writing the code and a letter from TimBL will also be sold with the archive. ‘This Changed Everything’ named NFT, It will be up for auction on June 23.. The online session will be closed 1 week after its opening.

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