Coloring Feature for Shared Drives Launched


Google has finally launched the long-awaited “Color Shared Drives” feature. With this update, users will be able to colorize and organize their common files easily.

Google Drive is used in most people’s daily and business life. often a cloud storage system. Thanks to this service, users; they can store documents in the cloud, share files, and edit documents with their collaborators.

Google Drive’ın “Shared DriveIn the Drive sections called ” and shared by more than one person, most of the customizations have been made so far. was not available. Although this situation poses a problem for many users, Google seems to have solved this problem.

A more colorful Drive:

Drive's coloring feature

The ability to color files and folders in Google Drive has finally arrived in public Drives. In this way, you can now save all your common files. type or person to which it belongs You can color accordingly. Finding that file when you used to send a file to the shared Drive and after a while quite tiring could happen. Also, when you search for files in shared Drive, the file you are looking for is now thanks to its color You will find results faster.

Update from today Google Workspace (formerly G-Suite) and your personal accounts came to all. Google will also apply the classic update system in the distribution of this update. So this feature can reach all accounts. 15 days can find.


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It can be said that this feature is ideal for groups with large files on shared Drive. If you often use Drive jointly or personally, but you haven’t categorized your files by color before, you can spend a weekend organizing them and see the benefits in the future.

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