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The current e-commere study “What online shoppers want and what companies offer” by adesso shows clear differences in data sensitivity and channel selection among consumers and companies. For example, the majority of customers do not want push messages on their mobile phones or by post. By contrast, over 60 percent of the companies surveyed use both. In addition, many companies still underestimate social media as a sales channel. However, a good signal to companies comes when it comes to satisfaction. Most online shoppers are satisfied with their user experience. The number 1 killer in online shopping is and will remain the “mandatory customer account”.

The following areas emerged as e-commerce winners in the pandemic: groceries, household and hygiene items and the Click & Collect service. The study of adesso examines in detail the e-commerce effects of the last few months in individual industries and on consumer attitudes and behavior. To this end, a representative survey of 1,000 online customers was asked about their shopping behavior and 373 companies were asked about their customer experience management activities. The comparison of the two surveys yielded exciting results.

Personalized Marketing
The results of the study “What online shoppers want and what companies offer” by adesso. (all images: adesso)

Use personalized marketing the right way

The present study clearly shows that consumers value and respond to personalized marketing, but only when it is used correctly. Personalized advertising, for example based on a customer database of interests, hobbies and previously purchased items, is accepted twice as often as based on age, marital status or search history.

A look at the age of each channel also shows clear differences. Push messages via apps or messages via social media are rated positively by 20 percent among 18 to 29 year olds and 30 to 39 year olds. From the age of 40 this tolerance limit drops to eleven percent and from the age of 50 even to five percent. Notices via SMS are not welcome in all age groups. Companies need to sharpen their strategies for personalized marketing, especially before the newly emerging discussion about stricter data protection and the more difficult processing of online user data for advertisers.

Social commerce seriously underestimated by companies

It’s hard to believe, but the majority of the company executives surveyed underestimate social media as a relevant sales channel. Only twelve percent of the companies surveyed use social networks to sell products or conclude contracts. So it is not surprising that only 46 percent of executives consider social media to be of central or high importance in their customer journey. The most underrated channel is Youtube. While the majority of consumers romp about there (88 percent), only 44 percent of companies use the video platform as a marketing channel. The most popular consumer products on social media are clothing, electronics, and drugstore items.

Personalized Marketing

Online meets offline: Sharp increase in “Click & Collect”

Companies that offer their products and services stationary and online are particularly popular with consumers. 85 percent of the consumers surveyed rate this as positive to very positive. In addition, there is the reassuring realization for many shop owners that hardly any consumers obtain information in stationary shops in order to buy online. Anyone who comes into the shop to find out more usually buys.

During the pandemic, the “Click & Collect” model, which means the option of ordering online and picking it up in the store, had a steep career. Over 40 percent of the consumers surveyed have used it in the past three months. 96 percent were satisfied to completely satisfied. What the respondents mostly reject, however, are push notifications on mobile phones in particular. These indicate, for example, discount campaigns in the store. Here it should be better the e-mail.

“There is hardly any adjustment screw that currently has more potential for marketing and sales than in the area of ​​marketing automation and personalization. Our study results clearly show that companies have a lot of catching up to do in terms of definition and implementation with regard to a positive customer experience, ”comments Guido Ahle, head of the study at adesso. (sg)