Complaints to Netflix About Canceling a Project

A campaign has been launched for the cancellation of the project after it has been revealed that Colton Underwood is working on a project for Netflix, who has been circulating allegations that he harassed his fellow player Cassie Randolph and sent threatening messages. 20 thousand people have participated in the campaign launched on so far.

The world’s largest online TV series and movie streaming platform Netflixis caught in the middle of a new discussion. A former NFL (US National American Football League) player Colton UnderwoodAfter it was announced that it was making a reality show for Netflix, a group of people accusing Underwood of “harassment” launched a campaign on for the cancellation of the project.

On The Bachelor, the last reality show featuring Colton Underwood Cassie Randolphreminding the allegations of harassing and threatening The campaign states that Underwood’s response should not be a Netflix production, and the streaming platform should cancel the project in question.

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Aforementioned of the campaign in the description, “Colton stalked Cassie Randolph, placed a tracking device in his vehicle, and told both him and his friends.” sent threatening messages. He stood in front of his house and watched over him. Cassie is a victim of Colton’s attacks and repressions. when using expressions; More than 20 thousand people have supported the campaign so far.

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