Computer Sharing Feature Comes to AMD Link


With the increase of cloud gaming platforms, a move came from AMD. With the Adrenalin Edition update coming to Radeon software, you will gain the ability to share computers.

Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition’la A new era begins for AMD computers. GeForce Now and Google StadiaFollowing the rapid rise of “AMD users”own cloud systems”Gives you the opportunity to set up. Thanks to the Radeon graphics cards, you can now play games on your friends’ computers or start solving their problems.

AMD Link Thanks to you, you can play games from your computer using your mobile devices, now you will be able to play games on your own or your friends’ devices from any device. However, it is useful to remind that for this feature “Radeon video card on either side ” has an obligation to use. AMD’s ability to share devices with a more closed system is actually AMD It can be explained as wanting to increase its usage.

A new sector may arise for Radeon users

Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition after the update “PC RentalIt is possible for the sector to be born. Especially COVID-19 As you know, internet cafes are closed all over the world due to the pandemic. With machines that will be redesigned with Radeon graphics cards, online payment is received. PC rental service can be offered. Adrenalin Edition’la Internet cafe owners are likely to earn money from this business with a small integration, as the connection to the relevant machine will come with time.


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When you think about it, you can guess that not every game will be played by your friends, but thanks to the bulk accounts in internet cafes, you will be able to play games with a really good performance. Of course, this foresight is only Webtekno We are sure that we did not do it as a team. However AMD Link Adrenalin Edition’la a new ecosystem may also be born. Soon, you can see hourly or daily rental Radeon graphics cards on the Internet.