Concept Design Video Prepared with iPhone 12 Rumors


A newly released video showcases how the iPhone 12 might look, as well as Apple’s video. The concept design in the images is inspired by the rumors to date.

Apple has a new iPhone launches the model. This year too iPhone 12 models are expected to be released. Although the announcement of the model will not happen anytime soon, there are many rumors about the phone.

We usually deliver these rumors or potential leaks to you. Found on YouTube conceptsipho to The channel named has brought together all these rumors and created a promotional video. The concept design video does not look for Apple’s work.

Take a look at the iPhone 12 rumors as well:

iphone 12

New generation iPhone‘u There are still months to see, but the number of claims made about the phone is very high. Looking at the claims, Apple does not plan to produce less than four iPhone 12 models. Each model will have a redesigned chassis and OLED displays.

Among the claims about new phones are also among A14 processors this is what we’ll see on smartphones. Also, Appleā€™s new operating system on these models iOS 14 To be found. All phones will also support 5G connectivity.

The images in the video are, of course, based on rumors that have not been previously confirmed. It was stated that the series would have two different sizes of 5.4 inches and 6.1 inches, but people would 6.1 and 6.7 inches it turned out that he could turn to models.

Apple hides its new phones secretly:

iphone 12 concept

New Apple Smartphones are expected to be introduced in the autumn period of this year. The company’s introductions in the past coincided with this period. Coronavirus outbreak many events were delayed due to disruptions in the supply chain of many companies.


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Apple’s having such a problem right now although it seems unlikely it is hard to say anything definitive yet. New iPhone 12You can watch the video emerging from the rumors of the URLs from the link below.

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