Congratulations to Turkey in the World Cup Play-Off

Passing Montenegro with a score of 2-1, the National Team qualified to compete in the 2022 World Cup Play-Off round. With the completion of the match, social media became almost red and white and congratulatory messages rained down on Bizim Boys.

Starting the FIFA 2022 World Cup groups like firecrackers, they wiped out the Netherlands and Norway, who were expected to finish in the top two, from the field. Our National TeamAfterwards, he showed a fluctuating performance, making his ticket to the World Cup difficult. Faced with Montenegro in the last match of the group, the National Team won the match 2-1 and left. World Cup Play-Off qualified to stay.

With the completion of the match, social media is, so to speak, Red and white dressed in colors. Many names, from sports clubs to politicians, from social media phenomena to artists, remain in the Play-Off tour of the National Team. celebrating your success They conveyed their wishes of success on the way to the 2022 World Cup. Also, after tonight’s result, as in every event, storm of humor was blown.

Here are the congratulatory messages about Bizim Boys’ qualifying for the FIFA 2022 World Cup Play-Off round

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The users, who were satisfied with the victory of the National Team, did not hesitate to make humor.

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