Connected home: Apple, Amazon and Google are developing the smart home standard


Smart home rivals Amazon, Apple and Google do
to connect with the new open standard "Connected Home over IP"
simplify various devices in the networked home. So far
networked lamps, thermostats, security cameras or
Door locks are sometimes only in system worlds of individual providers
but often not compatible with each other.

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The new standard is based on the Internet protocol and should be available to everyone without license fees, the participants said
Company on December 18, 2019 with. To the members of the working group
include Ikea, Samsung's home networker SmartThings,
the chip specialist NXP and the manufacturer of the networked
Hue lamps, the Philips split-off Signify.

Until consumers benefit from the new standard, however
some time will pass: The working group of companies wants to
First set the specifications at the end of 2020 and a first one
Present reference implementation. Both should be used
WLAN as well as Bluetooth.

Previous devices should continue to be supported

The idea is to add a standard to today's technologies
create, explained the working group. Amazon, Apple and Google
committed themselves at the same time to continue to use previous devices

The smart home platforms of major players such as Apple's Homekit or
Amazon's voice assistant Alexa had already become one
major interface developed through consumer technology
integrate and operate from different providers. You should in
new project are supported as well as Google's protocol Weave
as well as the already widely used dot dot standard of
Zigbee Alliance.

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