Consumer advice center warns of aggressive fiber optic sales


The consumer advice center Rhineland-Palatinate warns of representatives who are selling fiber optic connections at the front door or by telephone. In the past few months, more and more consumers have been urged to conclude contracts with aggressive sales methods, report the consumer advocates.

Basically, laying a fiber optic connection in your own four walls is good and forward-looking, said Michael Gundall, telecommunications expert at the consumer center, on Wednesday in Mainz, “However, consumers should not let themselves be rushed to the door to sign a deal.” Before signing such a contract recommend the consumer advocates therefore, take your time to examine the terms of the contract.

The sales staff therefore market connections with up to 1000 Mbit / s, which most users do not need. According to the consumer advice center, “a bandwidth between 100 and 300 Mbit / s is perfectly adequate nowadays”. 400-500 Mbit / s was enough even for a large family.

The salespeople of the fiber optic connections usually get higher commissions for more expensive contracts. When choosing a tariff, consumers are often lured into the fact that they can try out more bandwidth for the same price and later simply switch to a “cheaper” tariff.

However, this is usually only possible in the twelfth contract month. In addition, many customers forget to change the contract. In addition, some contracts contain additional options such as router rental or security packages. Here it should be checked carefully whether these are necessary. (with material from dpa) /


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