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41 percent of the Germans surveyed have been buying handicraft products more and more online since the beginning of the corona pandemic. Of these, 39 percent used “Click and Collect” at least once. This service has proven to be a solution, especially at home improvement stores Products in local hardware stores to be able to offer despite contact restrictions. According to a recent survey by idealo, 73 percent of users were satisfied with the service. The survey also provides information about the advantages consumers see in the Click and Collect service and with which products they predominantly use this service.

The advantages of using Click and Collect

Here are the three most important reasons for using Click and Collect.

  • The delivery times are shorter than with a normal online order: 30 percent of those surveyed
  • In times of Corona, I want that Avoid contact with other people: 26 percent of those surveyed
  • When picking up in store I can immediately see whether my order is complete and I can return the wrong products on site if necessary: ​​25 percent of those surveyed

The products are preferably bought via Click and Collect:

  • Power tools such as drills, circular saws or cordless screwdrivers: 51 percent of those surveyed
  • Craft materials such as lumber, laminate, tiles or wallpaper: 41 percent of those surveyed
  • Tools like hammers, saws or pliers: 27 percent of those surveyed
  • Other handicraft products such as grout, glue or wall paint: 24 percent of those surveyed

Increasing demand for handicraft products again this year

In the past year, idealo has observed an increased demand for handicraft products in the “Home and Garden” category. Compared to the previous year, the demand in 2020 for tool cases (plus 76 percent), cordless screwdrivers (plus 90 percent) and circular saws (plus 113 percent) was significantly higher. This trend will continue in 2021. For example, the demand for tool cases increased by a further 91 percent from March 2020 to March 2021.

During the corona pandemic, the number of consumers in Germany who repair or redesign their home on their own rose by almost a third. At the same time, hardware stores and other local businesses were repeatedly closed to the growing DIY community due to the lockdowns. This results in a stronger orientation towards online trading. For handicraft materials, however, DIY stores and stationary shops are still the first point of contact: 67 percent of Germans prefer DIY stores to buy materials such as timber, laminate, tiles or wallpaper.

As the Idealo survey shows, German consumers are very interested in the topic of home improvement, which exists independently of Corona. 62 percent of those surveyed have basic tools. 59 percent of consumers said they do most of the renovation work themselves. 58 percent try to repair damage on their own before they get help from a craft business. Only eleven percent of those surveyed immediately hire a specialist to do handicraft work at home.

The survey was carried out by the market research company Kantar on behalf of idealo internet GmbH. 2,500 consumers in Germany between the ages of 18 and 64 took part in the online survey in March 2021. idealo is the operator of shopping and comparison platforms in Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Austria and Spain with 30 million monthly users in Germany alone. At, consumers can compare over 400 million offers from more than 50,000 retailers. (sg)

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