Consumers drive away the January blues with shopping


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Can shopping help against a bad mood at the beginning of the year? As a survey by Manhattan Associates shows, almost every second consumer has imposed a savings rule. How to increase customer loyalty.

An online survey by OnePoll, commissioned by Manhattan Associates, asked EMEA consumers how shopping can help with a bad mood in January. In some countries, “Blue Monday” on the third Monday of the year, i.e. January 17 this year, marks the perceived low point in the mood. However, as the Manhattan Associates survey shows, the majority of respondents in Germany have strategies in place to avoid lethargy. Antidotes cited include outdoor activities, exercising, and spending time with friends and family. Retailers can use the mood to increase customer loyalty.

This makes consumers happy when they shop

The solution of treating yourself to something and making purchases appears to be helpful for 26 percent of those surveyed. However, 45 percent imposed a savings bid on themselves in January – quite understandable after a month full of gifts and festivities. The results are by no means bad news for traders. This also improves customer loyalty. The survey results show that consumers feel happy at various points in the shopping experience when shopping online.

customer retention
The happiness of consumers during the online shopping process. (Graphic: Manhattan Associates)

“Retailers should not fall for the January blues, but use this month in particular to convince customers of themselves,” says Pieter Van den Broecke, Managing Director Benelux and Germany at Manhattan Associates. “You have the opportunity to give consumers moments of happiness right now – for example by sending newsletter recipients a personal January pick-me-up with attractive, individual offers.” The need to cheer yourself up and the intention to spend less money must be combined , be compatible with each other for the customer. To improve customer loyalty, retailers need sophisticated customer relationship management from which these offers can be efficiently derived.

Use positive buying experience for customer loyalty

“In this situation, it is also important that retailers can keep what they promise their customers, for example in the form of discounts on certain items or accelerated delivery times, in order to ensure a positive shopping experience and the corresponding effects on customer loyalty,” says Pieter Van den Broecke. “Orders that are not delivered on time, incorrectly or, in the worst case, not delivered at all would be doubly damaging here. But they can generally be prevented with the right IT systems. Because according to the survey, the moment when consumers see the ordered product or open the package is the best moment in the shopping process for 33 percent of those surveyed.”

About the methodology of the survey: Manhattan Associates commissioned OnePoll to conduct an international online survey. In Germany, 2,000 people took part in the survey between December 30, 2021 and January 11, 2022. The results are representative for the German population aged 18 and over.
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