Controversial browser innovations: Apple rows back in Safari beta


Apple has made major changes to the new Safari 15 user interface. The manufacturer is responding to significant complaints from beta testers who criticized hidden functions and the address bar merged with the tabs. On the iPhone, the now floating address bar with iOS 15 no longer jumps hectically from bottom to top when you tap it, but instead wanders directly over the keyboard for inputs, as developers report.

In addition, the address bar shows additional information that was previously missing. This includes a reference to the availability of the reading view and active extensions – another big Safari innovation in iOS 15. Reload and sharing buttons remain hidden on the iPhone in the third iOS 15 beta and require an additional tap or at least holding down the address bar for a longer period of time instead of always being within reach, as was previously the case.

Apple has rowed back even more comprehensively in the Mac version of Safari 15: The merged address and tab bar was completely separated again in the third beta of macOS 12 Monterey and transformed back into two independent elements of the user interface. In addition, the button for reloading a website is directly available instead of hidden.

In Safari on iPadOS 15, the controversial redesign with the combined address and tab bar is still available unchanged in the third beta, developers note. What the final user interface of Safari 15 will look like remains open – further changes and adjustments are to be expected.

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More from Mac & i

More from Mac & i

More from Mac & i

While most of the innovations in iOS 15 and macOS 12 Monterey have been welcomed so far, including the new features of Safari, the radical redesign of the Apple browser immediately sparked heated discussions. There was criticism, especially among Mac users, because the advantages of the new design – a few more pixels of space for web content – did not seem to really outweigh the disadvantages.

  • A detailed article on the most interesting innovations in the Apple operating systems can be found in Mac & i issue 4/2021, which will be published on August 5th.


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