Corona effect: fitness devices, game consoles and smartwatches are becoming more popular


Many digital, connected devices have been selling significantly better in North America since the coronavirus pandemic began. This includes smart sports and fitness devices, game consoles, e-book readers, smartwatches, VR headsets and alarm systems. Consumers may have settled in better at home after being unable to go to gyms or to work.

That goes from one published this week Study by the network software provider Cujo AI emerged. Cujo AI analyzed data from January 2020 to April 2021 on over a billion devices connected in the USA and Canada. The Californian company offers cybersecurity and device management software for network operators in North America.

According to the study, smart sports and fitness devices and e-book readers were particularly in demand in the first few months of the pandemic. The latter have grown by 150 percent, but have lost their popularity over time. The temporary closure of gyms has not stopped consumers from continuing to exercise. You have just moved that into your own four walls. As of March 2020, connected fitness and sports equipment was 50 percent more in demand than before.

In contrast, other networked devices such as tablets and smart TVs recorded little to no corona-related growth, as these were already widespread in North America. Only streaming devices for video services such as Netflix grew somewhat at first. In the gaming sector, the Sony Playstation 4 continues to be the most popular game console. Smartwatches grew significantly towards the end of 2020 and recorded growth of 40 percent in the Christmas business.

For traditional Internet devices, the study shows that the PC is no longer the most widely used system. Smartphones are now in the majority and represent 38 percent of all devices connected to the Internet. In North America, Apple’s iOS devices make up over two-thirds of all mobile devices, while more than 7,000 different Android devices are used at the same time.


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