Corona false information: Facebook defends itself against allegations by the US government

Contrary to the allegations of the US government, the acceptance of COVID-19 vaccines among Facebook users in the USA has increased – more than 85 percent are vaccinated or want to be vaccinated, explains Guy Rosen (VP Integrity at Facebook) in a blog- Post. Facebook is not the reason why US President Biden’s goal of 70 percent of Americans being vaccinated by July 4th was missed.

Biden’s demand for a society-wide approach to the challenges of the pandemic is agreed and has “invested unparalleled resources in the fight against the pandemic”. This includes the social network references to reliable information and help in finding and planning vaccination options – which, according to their own information, more than 3.3 million Americans have already used. That will continue to be done.

In collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Maryland and public health officials, Facebook has been leading since April 2020 conduct a surveyto learn about COVID-19 symptoms, tests, vaccination rates, and more. More than 70 million responses from over 200 countries are said to have been received. Accordingly, the acceptance of COVID vaccines has increased by 10-15 percentage points to 85 percent among Facebook users.

The framework for the Facebook-Profilbilder “Let’s get vaccinated” und “We can do this” (‘Let’s get vaccinated’, ‘We can do this’), according to Rosen’s Post, more than 50 percent of people in the US have seen it. And from what we’ve seen so far, “it adds to the impression that vaccines are safe when friends tell them they’re vaccinated”.

Shortly before, the US government had seen the social media share responsibility for the fact that vaccination progress was stagnating and, as a result, infections with the corona virus in the US were rising again. Jen Psaki, the White House spokeswoman, on Thursday demanded Facebook that the company remove misinformation related to COVID-19 faster.

In the blog post, Facebook explainsthat over 18 million misinformation about COVID-19 has been removed since the pandemic began. Likewise, the visibility of 167 million misinformation – verified by fact checks – has been restricted. Facebook is already paying attention to everyone eight recommendations of the surgeon general (Sanitary inspector who reports to the Ministry of Health), the technology companies can implement in connection with misinformation in the corona pandemic and continue to work with health experts.


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