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In the first lockdown in March and April 2020, the increase in sales in online retail was almost 100 percent. “At this point we have one Increase in many areas observed. So consumers initially stocked up on hygiene articles such as disinfectant sprays and protective masks. But the numbers also went through the roof in the computer accessories division, as many employees first had to set up a home office, ”reports Thilo Gans, managing director of solute GmbH, which operates the price comparison portal

“With the closure of the day-care centers and schools, the demand for children’s toys, books and game consoles also rose sharply,” Gans continued. In addition, the e-commerce experts from identified a new group of buyers: the so-called silver surfers. Because of the closure of the stationary trade and for security reasons, older people are increasingly ordering items on the Internet.

Online trade: Sales have been increasing again since Black Friday

The incidence figures fell over the summer months. This was also noticeable in online traffic. Although this was down, it was still well above the previous year’s level. After the end of October Lockdown Light was decided, the numbers gradually rose again and reached their peak around Black Friday or Cyber ​​Week. Compared to the previous year, the demand rose by over 70 percent, as the analysis of the price experts at showed.

“Here consumers struck, among other things, in the entertainment electronics sector in order to be prepared for the long winter months in lockdown. The decisions of the federal government are clearly reflected in the purchasing behavior and this in turn has a direct influence on the sales figures in online trading, ”Gans explains the current development. In the previous years the figures were completely different. Demand on the said Friday increased by around ten percent from 2017 to 2018, and in the following year, from 2018 to 2019, it even decreased by a few percentage points.

Online trading SoluteSource: solute GmbH
The management of solute GmbH consists of Bernd Vermaaten and Dr. Thilo Gans (right).

Innovative solutions for online shopping

Smart online shopping has been the mission of the for around 15 years solute GmbH. The company’s goal is to develop innovative products with added value and to establish them on the market with technological and user-friendly solutions, as well as to expand the product portfolio for users, online shop customers and partners. Solute GmbH operates the price comparison portal and offers further services in the B2B area. (sg)

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