Corona pandemic: Many IT freelancers expect the order situation to deteriorate


31 percent of IT freelancers expect the order situation to deteriorate in the current year. The revealed (PDF) a survey by the mediation platform with 1,856 participants in German-speaking countries from mid-February to the end of May. 42 percent of those surveyed do not expect any change and 27 percent even forecast a more positive order situation despite the economic and corona crisis.

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  2. MITTELDEUTSCHER RUNDFUNK Public law institution, Erfurt

For the first time in five years, there was no longer a sharp upward trend in hourly rates. Before the corona crisis, 1 percent of IT freelancers said they wanted to lower their hourly rate over the next twelve months. Since the World Health Organization called Corona a pandemic in mid-March, that number has increased to over 5 percent.

As of mid-March, 57 percent of those questioned had a livelihood. In July the value dropped again to 36 percent. Since the corona crisis, 51 percent have expected orders to deteriorate, compared to only 17 percent before. 66 percent rate the current order situation as bad or very bad. 59 percent of all projects were canceled, 49 percent stand up “on hold”. 24 percent of the projects are carried out remotely, only 10 percent have no changes.

71 percent of IT freelancers have not acquired any new orders in the past three months. 26 percent have had no income since the corona crisis, only 14 percent have no loss at all. 33 percent had to get help from the state. 70 percent will experience financial difficulties within the next six months. 67 percent see the end of the crisis in 2021, 39 percent of them only after March 2021.

Overall, however, IT freelancers are doing considerably better than the majority of the population: According to the study, 31 percent of those surveyed have a net monthly income of 5,000 to 7,499 euros. 26 percent have a net income from project work of over 7,500 euros per month. The net income is calculated from project work per month minus taxes, social security contributions, insurance, office and other.

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