Corona restrictions: Musk threatens to relocate from California


Tesla boss Elon Musk plans to move the electric car manufacturer's headquarters to another U.S. state due to ongoing corona restrictions in California. Tesla will move headquarters and upcoming businesses to Texas or Nevada, Musk wrote on May 9th on Twitter. "It really gets the barrel overflowing", he said of the Alameda district of San Francisco, which would prevent the Tesla factory in Fremont from reopening before June.

Job market

  1. Amprion GmbH, Pulheim-Brauweiler near Cologne
  2. ekom21 – KGRZ Hesse, Darmstadt

Musk will immediately sue the district's decision, Musk wrote in another tweet. Continued production at the Fremont site would depend on how the company would be treated there in the future, he continued. "Tesla is the last remaining automaker in California" and is also an important exporter, he added.

Musk has already complained several times about the restrictions in California during the corona crisis and these as "fascist" designated. So he said at the end of April on the occasion of the presentation of the quarterly figuresWhoever wanted to stay at home should not be forced to go out. "But to tell people that they cannot leave their house, that they will be arrested, that is fascist, that it is not democratic, that it is not freedom."

Just last week, Musk launched a series of idiosyncratic tweets that made Tesla's market value drop by billions of dollars. He had previously announced that the new cyber truck would not be built in California, but further towards the east coast. Negotiations with Tesla have been reported with various communities, including Nashville in Tennessee and Joplin in Missouri. Musk has confirmed that Austin is also in Texas.

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