Corona: UN goals for internet supply are missed


The United Nations' global goals for improving global Internet access are not being met. The reported Carlos Iglesias, Senior Research Manager of the Web Foundation, founded by Tim Berners-Lee, on April 17, 2020. "People in poorer countries, women, the elderly and people in rural areas disproportionately do not have Internet access. Those who are most susceptible to Covid-19 currently do not have the Internet access that is most important to them."

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There are two primary United Nations global connectivity goals. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) contain universal and affordable access to the Internet in the least developed countries by 2020. The UN Broadband Commission wants 75 percent of users and 35 percent of the least broadband internet to be used worldwide by 2025 developed countries. The SDGs are based on the definition of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) by Internet users, i.e. anyone who has connected to the Internet from any location and device in the past three months.

According to calculations by the Web Foundation, the goals are not met. With only 54 percent of humanity online today, the SDG target for universal access has already been missed. "Our model predicts that we will only reach 57 percent this year – without further urgent action, we will miss the target by decades. Our model also suggests that we will miss the broadband commission's less ambitious target by about five percentage points "said Adrian Lovett, CEO of the Web Foundation.

As there is no global data on broadband coverage, the Web Foundation's forecasts are based on the ITU definition. By 2025, 70 percent of people will have some form of internet access at all. In the least developed countries, it is expected to be 31 percent.

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