Corona warning app: 500,000 people warned others with test results


More than 500,000 people have shared their positive test result with the Corona warning app since the smartphone application became available. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) announced this on Thursday on Twitter. “In doing so, they warned others and contributed to ending chains of infection.”

Experts assume that this has broken chains of infection in over 200,000 cases. However, the number of relevant warnings could be much higher if all users of the app who had tested positive also entered this in the app. Initially, however, according to government information, less than 40 percent of those affected dared to trigger this alarm chain. The proportion is now significantly higher, but exact figures are not available.

In a representative opinion poll published in June 2021 by the IT industry association Bitkom, 72 percent of app users said they would share a positive result in the app. In January 2021 it was 62 percent.

The Corona warning app to avoid chains of infection was published on June 16, 2020 in the Apple and Google stores. In the first few months, the distribution developed very dynamically. In September 2020, the RKI had registered over 18 million downloads. After that, the curve flattened significantly.

The RKI recently recorded 32.4 million downloads. The number of active users is lower because it does not record who has already uninstalled the app or who has not reinstalled it after changing their smartphone. The federal corona warning app is still considered one of the most successful apps of its kind worldwide.


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