Coronavirus Boredom: Things to do when stuck at home

Are we facing a corona quarantine?World’s cultural life stands still. Theaters, museums and clubs have closed, as have most of the other venues. Whether really a quarantine, home office or just less social life. Berlin is ticking a bit slower these days. Inevitably, we’ll all spend more time at home. In addition to watching TV, streaming and staring at a smartphone, you can also handle your time more sensibly. Maybe use the state of emergency as an opportunity? We have nine suggestions for a creative break in the shadow of Corona:

Read unread books
Books can be read during the Corona period
Instead of dawdling the Corona period with Netflix, once again grab a forgotten novel.
At least half of all books that are on a shelf like this have not been read. Passed over and postponed to a later date, you can now simply take five books and maybe make a beautiful literary discovery that has been dormant for a long time. You don’t even have to leave your own four walls for this. If that’s not enough, you can also get inspiration from our list of 100 Berlin novels that should be read.

Corona quarantine? Spring cleaning!
Spring cleaning
Get rid of the corona viruses! Cleaning instead of being lazy.
The spring is anyway the time in which the apartment is tidied up, with the time gained you can systematically clean the rooms and make everything beautifully virus-free and spring-fresh to the last crack. It is not said whether you will also destroy a few corona germs, but nobody can take the feeling of walking through the perfectly cleaned apartment. Don’t forget the windows!

Mucking out
Old clothes can also be cleaned out.
Corona gives you time to think about the essentials. Our consumption, for example. Nobody needs that many shirts. Away with it!
Anyone who has cleaned the apartment before can muck out. For years there have been shirts and guides in the closet and bookcase that you will never need again. Even in the times of Corona nobody will insert the old DVDs anymore, and I actually still need the DVD player. Media, clothes, superfluous kitchen utensils, standing rags and other ballast can finally be thrown away. What doesn’t belong in the trash can be sold or given away later. Stowed in a blue sack or in a moving box, things can wait in the basement for their sensible disposal.

Washing and ironing
Fresh laundry
Freshly washed and fragrant.
Why not wash and iron all of your shirts, blouses, towels and bed linen again. Stowed freshly folded in the closet, it all looks good in the freshly cleaned and mucked-out room. An all-round nice feeling.

Realize a project
Stains and paper pad. You don’t need more to paint a picture or write a story.
You don’t need much to be creative.
Anyone who has always wanted to write a short story or paint a landscape can now realize their project. The living room can easily be converted into a writing room or a studio and there are no limits to creativity. The world is waiting for works like “The Corona Elegies” or “Self-Portrait with Virus”. But joking aside, you don’t have to produce a work of the century to be happy about your own text or picture.

Call the family
A woman is on the phone. Because of Corona, one should avoid direct social contacts if possible.
Speaking on the phone is still the safest in Corona times.
Call the long forgotten aunt, the old uncle, the grandparents, the siblings, nephews, the parents or the children again. Of course we talk to our closest relatives in times of the pandemic, but there are also family members that you only see every jubilee year. It’s a good thing. But now would be the opportunity to call them again. You can always talk about Corona and if it gets too boring, then your own art project or the tidy apartment would also be worth mentioning.

Finally cook again
You have to stay home because of Corona? These activities drive boredom away.
One of the absolute plus points of Berlin is the culinary variety. The selection of restaurants with food from all over the world is sometimes overwhelming – and then you can also fill your stomach in Berlin for moderate prices. Seen in this way, Corona offers the chance to finally cook again – or to learn it.