Coronavirus Circular with 81 from the Ministry of Interior

The Ministry of Interior sent a new circular to the governorships of 81 provinces. In this circular regarding the coronavirus epidemic, it is stated that citizens who test positive for coronavirus can be sentenced to up to 2 years in prison if they make false statements.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has announced a new coronavirus outbreak to 81 provincial governors circular sent. The subject of this circular is closely related to citizens who do not give correct information to the authorities during the period when they are quarantined. According to the circular this citizens can be sentenced from three months to two years in prison.

Our citizens who have positive coronavirus test in our country, for 14 days quarantine under they are taken. In this process, the radiation teams reach the people with whom the patient has a positive test and provide the necessary control of these people. However, it has been said that citizens who have been infected for a while do not provide accurate information about their contacts. Here is the new circular, false giving information aims to prevent.

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The circular includes the following statements:

Regarding incomplete or misleading or untrue statements / notifications made by patients diagnosed with coronavirus, the Provincial / District Hygiene Committees decide on those involved in such acts, Article 206 of the Turkish Criminal Code “makes a false statement to a public official who has the authority to issue an official document. the person found will be sentenced to imprisonment from three months to two years or to a judicial fine ”.


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By the way, the circular does not only apply to other persons who have been in contact but not reported. This is exactly otherwise citizens will be sentenced to imprisonment of up to two years. Because, according to the information in the circular, some citizens hide who they are contacting, while some citizens are in contact with people they are not in contact with, untrue they have made a declaration. The coming days will show whether such situations will end with the new circular.

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