Coronavirus: IETF meeting in Vancouver canceled

Just under two weeks before the start of their 107th meeting, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is also drawing the consequences of the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic and is canceling its meeting planned for the end of March. The host city of Vancouver had so far reported manageable numbers with 39 patients, but also because of the travel bans of many technology companies, productive work on the web standards was hardly possible anymore, writes the IETF chairwoman Alissa Cooper in an email.

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Numerous companies have banned or at least restricted business trips since the outbreak of the epidemic. Many employees stay in the home office. The website stayinghomeclub logs the measures initiated by many companies. From Adobe and Amazon to Cisco and Google to the Wikimedia Foundation you can find almost everything that has a place in the home club. There are also other companies that are not listed – such as Ericsson or Apple. Many of the IETF working groups would therefore have had to do without the authors of current proposals for standardization or even without the heads of the respective working groups.

A whole series of working groups had therefore already canceled their respective conference slots before the conference was canceled. The working group responsible for the successor to TCP, Quic, had decided in advance to limit itself to the planned virtual tests on the interoperability of various implementations. The working group, which wants to finish in late summer, now has to make use of several virtual meetings, said one of the leaders, Lars Eggert.

According to the head of the IETF, virtual meetings should now replace the majority of the working groups planned for Vancouver. Participation via audio and later via conferencing software has been standard for the IETF for many years. For some time now there have also been proposals to move one of the organization's three annual meetings entirely onto the internet for climate protection reasons. But there is also a lot of resistance to this. In recent years, for example, I have met the Quic working group regularly in addition to interim meetings in order to be able to complete their work more quickly.

The Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) mobile operator organization has also postponed its annual conference planned for April in Paris until the autumn. The fair, which is all about the 5G generation of mobile communications, is now to take place in the Paris Pavilion d’Armenonville from September 8-10, the organizers announced on Wednesday.

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in Geneva is also responding to the epidemic. Instead of being laid on the network like IETF and before that ICANN opted for one Shift in the calendar. The UN organization postponed the AI ​​summit "AI For Good" from early May to September 21st to 25th. The annual World Summit of the Information Society forum does not take place in April, but only between August 31 and September 4.


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