"Coronavirus May Become a Seasonal Outbreak"

Famous Scientist Dr. Anthony Fauci said that the coronavirus outbreak may be out of control next year, even if the impact of the summer is reduced. For this reason, we need to prepare better next year.

The only thing we've talked about lately is coronavirus pandemic There are many new explanations for. Governments that have worked hard to reduce the effects of the virus, although they have managed to reduce the effect to some extent, are still spreading rapidly. One of the most curious topics of coronavirus is continuity Whether or not.

The weather gets warmer sun effect Whether Covid-19, which is expected to decrease in propagation speed due to ultraviolet rays when it starts to show, is not known for now whether it will continue in the coming winter. Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, who made a statement on this issue Dr. Anthony Fauci, The explanations of the virus in our lives longer time points out that it will happen.

Coronavirus can be seasonal

Considered one of the best infectious disease specialists in the USA. Anthony Fauci said on Sunday, Covidien-19 that the epidemic is likely to be reactivated in the coming winter, that is,seasonal"He said.

Globally coronavirus number of cases Fauci stated that it is not very realistic to delete the epidemic completely from the planet even if it has decreased significantly. may increase the effect again He explained.

He stated that to stop the epidemic, the federal government should develop a vaccine and be more prepared for the measures to be taken against the next epidemic season. "Hopefully, if we see the resurrection of the coronavirus, we will have interventions that we cannot do at the beginning of the situation we are in now."Said Fauci, with the support of donors such as the vaccine Bill Gates 12 to 18 months stated that it can be completed in. Fauci said that the administration of the Trump administration assured in the continuation of his statements, but the epidemic “under control”To say that he was held it would be wrong told.

Will the vaccine come?

According to the statements made by the World Health Organization, the least currently under development against coronavirus There are 40 different vaccines and some of them are already being tested on people. It is planned to prepare this vaccine and eliminate the epidemic as soon as possible.

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