Coronavirus Measures to be Exemplified by a Village in Bursa

Those living in Alacaat Village in Mustafakemalpaşa district of Bursa have implemented precautions to be taken against the coronavirus epidemic. There was not a single case of coronavirus in the village, which isolated itself from the outside world for 90 days.

Although the coronavirus epidemic has begun to take control, it continues to show its effect all over the world. Despite the precautions taken, the danger is still not past. The first thing that attracted attention in places where the virus epidemic happened was the success of harsh measures to slow down the speed of virus spread.

In Mustafakemalpaşa district of Bursa In Alacaat Village living people exhibited exemplary behavior against the coronavirus epidemic. In the village, where coronavirus measures were strictly implemented, the needs were met only by the villagers’ possibilities and the contact with the outside world was completely cut off.

Alacaat Mahallesi coronavirus

İlhan Sadık, the village mayor, who made a statement about the measures taken in Alacaat Village, coronavirus He said that the village residents who went to Bursa and the district center in the first days of the visit offered not to come to the village to protect the village’s elderly. Sadık stated that they continued to apply this rule during the epidemic, that nobody came to the village after the epidemic started, and the village people did not leave the village.

During the coronavirus epidemic, including Ramadan and feast village people Saying that he was sensitive, İlhan Sadık, Alacaat Village Headman added that no coronavirus cases were observed in the village thanks to the measures.

Alacaat Mahallesi coronavirus


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Yüksel Bayram, who has not been able to go to his village for 3 months due to the coronavirus epidemic, said,After this process started, our village people made such a decision. Although we don’t have relatives, we didn’t come to our village” said. The holiday started on June 1 through the normalization process He said he was able to visit his village.

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