Coronavirus Statement by Fahrettin Koca


Making a statement after the Scientific Committee meeting, Fahrettin Koca revealed the gravity of the situation by using the expressions “Our country is going through one of the most difficult periods during the epidemic.”

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca has been making statements regularly since the epidemic started to appear in our country. Performed today After the Science Board meeting Minister Koca once again appeared before the press members.

Stating that we are going through the most difficult period of the epidemic, the Minister said, In Sinop, İzmir, Çanakkale, Bartın, Edirne and Rize announced that the intensive care occupancy rate exceeded 80 percent. Minister Husband, “If our burden becomes unavoidably heavy, we may have to make an arrangement like we have experienced before, for example.” said.

Alternatives will be offered for additional measures

Fahrettin Koca

Saying that Ramadan should be seen as a very important point in terms of measures, Koca stated that they will offer additional measure alternatives at the Cabinet Meeting to be held tomorrow. It according to the recommendations for additional measures The decisions to be made tomorrow are important.

One of the other striking points in Minister Koca’s speech, UK variant of 85% of cases There was information that it was of the type called. Saying that face-to-face education is a general unchanging approach, Koca stated that teachers want to finish their vaccination in a period of two to three weeks during the month of Ramadan.

Here are the Minister’s statements

Fahrettin Koca

“The purpose of this talk is to evaluate the point we have reached. I believe that there will be beneficial results for all of us. The conditions that have been going on for months have exhausted everyone. New difficulties have arisen at the point where we think we have retreated the problem. These are facts that cannot be ignored and are more or less common all over the world.

Considering the numerical data and the decreasing psychological resistance of the society, our country is going through one of the most difficult periods in the epidemic. Our total number of cases is 3 million 798 thousand 333 our number of deaths to 33 thousand 702 has gone away. We publish a map showing the cases province by province. This map shows that cases are on the rise everywhere.


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Currently, two negative factors have joined forces against us, making it difficult for us to move forward. New variants of the virus are the other factor that we have become tired over time in the tension of uncertainty. Fatigue has good reasons. With regard to mutations and variants, the expectation was that luck was on our side, but for now this has not happened.

Mutant viruses spread faster

mutant virus

The reason why Covid-19 spreads faster than before is attributed to new variants of the virus. Variant means different virus. It may be possible for the virus to become ineffective at times. It is a fact that the variants that have a high effect on the increase of cases and the mutants, which are the more seriously changed form of the virus, are challenging the work. These can cause the disease to be more severe.

We have detected a large number of mutant and variant viruses in recent weeks. This form of the virus spreads faster than the coronavirus. Apart from that, there are other variants detected. The South African variant was seen in 285 people in 11 provinces, and 166 in 9 provinces in Brazil.

The mutation, which the World Health Organization recommends to follow closely due to its high contagiousness, was encountered in 4,820 cases. The new situation also affected the day-to-day hospital admissions and the number of inpatients. There was no dramatic increase in the rate of patient intensive care, but the improvements are serious and the data are cautionary. The services of our health units continue to be complete. If our burden gets heavy, we may have to make an arrangement like we have experienced before.

“We all saw the effect of the vaccine”

covid vaccine

This fact warns us. We have to pay attention to the warning of the truth. We all saw the effect of the vaccine. While 69 percent of the patients in intensive care were over 65 years old in November, this rate has decreased today. We are among the countries with the most vaccination. In the near future, we will achieve community immunity both by providing vaccine diversity through procurement and with local vaccines. More than 18 million doses of vaccine have been available so far. The number of our citizens has reached 7.5 million.

Council is an indisputable fact that most vaccine debate is Turkey 6 countries in the world. Conditions invite us to a quick recovery. With the daily number of cases exceeding 50 thousand, there should not be a need for a warning from someone else. Let’s re-establish a reasonable balance between the restrictions brought about by the epidemic and the needs of daily life.


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You will not be alone for 1 day until this job is over. You will not see us indecisive or discouraged even for one day. I want you to raise our spirits. I offer my greetings and respects to each of you. I heartily congratulate your Ramadan.

I would like to give a few tables in particular. Here we see over 65 years old. We see the rate of healthcare professionals especially after vaccination in the total number of cases. As of January 1, the rate of our citizens over the age of 65 in the total case is 17.7, now 8.2 percent, that is, almost half of the total number of cases after vaccination. The number of people vaccinated during this period is 76.4 percent over the age of 65, that is, 100 could not be vaccinated. Currently, 23.6 percent of our citizens over the age of 65 have not had the vaccine although it is defined.

Healthcare workers share in the case 5.3%

health workers

When we look at the healthcare professionals, its share in the total case was 5.3 percent at the beginning of January, the vaccination rate was 86 percent. With the rate of 86 percent, its share in the total case decreased from 5.3 percent on January 1 to 1.37.

Here is the table showing the hospitalization of healthcare workers over the age of 65 in the hospital. While the age of 65 was 57.4 among the residents, it has now decreased to 31 percent. Almost half. This is more pronounced in healthcare professionals. 3.1 percent, while it is now 0.78. In other words, it has decreased to a quarter or even a fifth.

In this table, we see the rate of healthcare professionals over 65 years of age among the cases hospitalized in intensive care. 47.4 percent from 68.8 percent in intensive care, 1.1 percent of our healthcare workers, and now it has decreased to 0.25.


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Here, I am telling these two groups in terms of intubated cases over the age of 65 and healthcare professionals, especially to see the effect of the vaccine because we vaccinated it. We see that it has an average end of 42 days. Therefore, to show that it has fallen more clearly since the beginning of January. In intubated cases, we see that it decreased from 71 percent over the age of 65 to 54 percent. While it was 1.1 percent of the healthcare workers, it has now decreased to 0.15.

The vaccination rate for citizens over 65 years old is 76.4%

65+ vaccines

Among those who died, we see that our citizens over the age of 65 decreased by 65 percent. I want to express that the vaccination rate is 76.4 percent. I would like to express that the vaccine provides a significant benefit when we look at both hospitalization, intensive care and intubated patients, since the vaccine is intensely applied to healthcare professionals over the age of 65, therefore, our citizens show sensitivity at the point of having the vaccinations of the people identified at this point.

Today, the Scientific Committee has been prepared in a general inclusive way, especially as of tomorrow, with the start of Ramadan, what measures can be taken and what our suggestions might be. Tomorrow there is a cabinet meeting chaired by our President. We will be presenting these overarching alternative suggestions. In that context, Mr.President, they announce the decisions taken, although they deem it appropriate.


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We should see the month of Ramadan very important. We are experiencing a peak period of increasing mutant and contagiousness. For this reason, we have to enter a situation where close contact is extremely important, which reduces close contact and mobility.

Statement on Russia’s decision

russia plane

I had met with Russia twice, especially with my counterpart, the Minister of Health. They are going to send a delegation in the near future and here is a certification region such as Aydın, especially in some regions of our country such as Muğla, Antalya and İzmir. I can say that the delegation will come to see the measures we have taken in that region, and according to him, the evaluation can be done more easily in the next period. I can say that they will take a different approach when they see the precautions and certification practices we have taken. We live pig fourth for the third Istanbul in Turkey. You can see from the numbers that the number of cases is intense and the number of seriously ill patients is not increasing. I can easily say that there is no serious problem in terms of our health infrastructure at this time. I would like to say that our bed occupancy rate is 56.2 percent at the moment. I can say that there is no problem in the service bed occupancy rate. Adult intensive care is extremely important for intensive care units. I would like to express that 32 thousand of our 47 thousand intensive patients are used as adult intensive care, we have a capacity of 71.3 percent, close to 30 percent, which means nearly 10 thousand seriously ill patients. We experience some problems in some provinces. Let me tell you that some of our provinces have an ICU occupancy rate of more than 80 percent, Sinop, İzmir, Çanakkale, Bartın, Edirne and Rize. Intensive care occupancy rate is over 80 percent in these provinces. 71.3 percent in terms of adult intensive care. We express that we follow this closely and that we are in increasing the capacity.

WHO had a meeting 2 weeks ago. At that meeting, what I especially expressed to the whole world was the following; I stated that serious property rights regarding the vaccine should be resolved. If WHO wants to solve this in some way, it can develop a formula. I stated that by solving intellectual property rights in every country where production can be made, easier access can be achieved. They stated that they would make an effort regarding this issue. My approach is very clear, I believe that this should be paved in all countries where WHO has the ability to produce solutions to intellectual property rights and have potential. “

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