Coronavirus Test Providing Results Within 5 Minutes


Abbott Laboratories has developed a diagnostic kit that detects whether the practitioner is positive for corona within 5 minutes. Medical device manufacturer Abbott plans to produce 50,000 tests a day starting April 1.

Spreading all over the world after emerging in Wuhan city of People's Republic of China and so far 27 365 As part of the fight against the new deadly coronavirus (COVID-19) that causes the death of a person, efforts to improve the quality and speed of infection diagnostic kits continue. Finally, Abbott Laboratories has been Within 5 minutes developed a diagnostic kit that reports whether the patient is infected.

Mass production of the new diagnostic kit, which is said to be used in all healthcare environments due to its smallness and portability, is expected to begin early next month. Abbott, from April 1 a day 50,000 diagnosis kit announced that it will supply to the market.

The test targets parts of the coronavirus genome

Test kit

The molecular test targets parts of the coronavirus genome. Genome fragments can be detected within five minutes if the virus is present at high levels. The duration of a comprehensive investigation needed to definitively reject the existence of the infection Up to 13 minutes It is stated that it can come out.

USA, coronavirus diagnosis the test has trouble procuring. Especially in states such as New York, California, Washington, there is a danger of filling hospital capacities due to coronavirus outbreak, tests in the first place high risk Limited to group. Adding to the problem with the tests conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the US institutions had to quickly return to companies for test kits.

John Frels, the official of the research and development department of Abbott Diagnostics, states that the new test will be very useful, especially for caregivers who are responsible for detecting infectious diseases. New technology, Abbott's ID now was built on the platform. This test is especially used in the diagnosis of influenza, strepcoccal sore throat and respiratory syncytial virus.

Test, through the nose or throat It is made by taking the sample. This sample is mixed with a chemical solution so that the virus opens and releases its RNA. This mixture is then placed inside the ID Now system and only 3 kilograms This ID Now device around detects selected sequences of the coronavirus genome. The system does not care about other viruses being included in the mixture.



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Working with clients and Trump management, Abbott is preparing to supply the new test to emergency services, emergency health clinics, and doctor's offices. Last week, Abbott's m2000 RealTime system was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. Although this test can be used for diagnosis, it takes longer to give results.

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