Corsair Acquires Player Equipment Manufacturer Scuf Gaming


Corsair acquires Scuf Gaming, known for its personalized, useful player equipment. Corsair continues to play a strong role in the player equipment market with the companies it incorporates and aims to achieve success in game controller production thanks to this development.

Game accessory manufacturer Corsairproduces custom game controllers Scuf Gaming he bought. Although the terms of the agreement have not yet been announced, the transaction is expected to end by the end of this month.

Scuf Gaming is a respected and preferred manufacturer by gamers. The company's products are used by many professional players and publishers around the world.

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Producing high quality e-sports game controllers, Scuf Gaming's products are highly modular and customizable. On the company's improvements to traditional game controllers Has more than 100 patents. Many of these enhancements are designed to reduce the rear keys that can handle the functions of the front keys improvements based on quality of use. A similar development of the rear keys Sony It announced. However, this development is expected to emerge in the coming days, DualShock 4 was the add-on product that can be attached to the remote control.

Corsair expands its structure

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Sony Introduces New Accessory for DualShock 4

Scuf Gaming is not the only company Corsair recently acquired. Old Corsair at Past Summer Alienware gaming computer manufacturer Origin also bought the PC. Also last year company acquiring Elgato publishing equipment and accessories manufacturernow has qualified companies in many fields. This means that Corsair will now provide its customers with a high quality, professional gaming experience.

All these gains have another payoff. With these developments, Corsair will become a rival for other gaming equipment manufacturers such as Razer and Logitech, which bought Astroy. Sony's new accessory featuring customizable rear keys that make Scuf famous DualShock 4 Back Button Attachment will also come out; Corsair seems ready to race in this period when the gaming accessory market is prospering.

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