Cost of Protecting Crysis Remasted from Pirate: 140 Thousand Euros


According to the resulting development phase documents, Crytek paid Denuvo 140,000 euros for the first year to have active pirate broadcast protection in Crysis Remasted. In addition, there are many additional payments in the agreement.

Many PC gamers have developed an anti-tamper technology and digital rights management scheme developed by game studios Denuvo Software Solutions GmbH. Denuvowondering why he waited a year to remove from cracked games that ransomware gang Egregor in October 2020 Crytekanswered this question with the data obtained from the internal networks of.

Crysis 2 Remastered and Crysis 3 Remastered emerged and, according to the documents, Crytek gave its developer to use Denuvo in Crysis Remastered for a year. 140.000 euro (approximately 1.327.771 TL) had to pay. Moreover, according to the agreement between the two companies, if the game was released before the first release date, the fee would fall to 126,000 euros, which was March 31, 2021.


Under the agreement, Crytek will continue to pay Denuvo 2,000 euros each month when the first year is completed. Also, for products with 500,000 unique activations in a 30-day period 60.000 euro additional payment will also be done. In addition to these, Crytek will pay an additional 10 thousand euros for each showcase.

The reason why Crytek is determined to use Denuvo despite the overpayment is the extensive “piracy” support the company offers. Denuvo is constantly scanning pirated publications and providing information to both developers and publishers, according to the resulting documentation. Denuvo, manual pirate tracking also offers service.

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