Countdown for Forensic Science Conference Begins

On the 3rd day of IEEE WEEK organized by IEEE GTÜ Student Society, Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, Forensic Science Conference will host valuable scientists.

Of forensic science; The event, which aims to inform the participants by the experts of the subject, by mentioning different sub-branches such as crime scene investigation, forensic psychology and medical law, consists of six sessions in total.

Moment 12:00Forensic Medicine Expert Prof. Dr. The event will start with Halis Dokgöz’s Autopsy (5N1K) speech; 13:00Atatürk University Faculty of Medicine Head of Forensic Medicine Department. Dr. It will continue with the Legal Investigation of the Crime Scene of Ahmet Nezih Kök.

forensic science conference

14:00Criminal and Medical Lawyer, Lawyer, Prof. Dr. Dr. hc Hakan Hakeri’s Human Development Studies and Law, hour 15:30Criminal Investigation Specialist, Mesut Demirbilek’s Future Crimes and Crime Investigation Methods, 16:30Prof. Dr. Gökhan Oral’s Psychoanalytic Crime and Violence speech and 17:30Üsküdar University Vice Rector, Director of Forensic Sciences Department and Institute, Prof. Dr. It will end with the speech of Sevil Atasoy’s Ghost Suspects.

24 Decembercompletely in free and to learn more about the Forensic Science Conference event, which will be held online and the participants will be given a certificate of attendance and to follow the event. You can visit the website, also to register for the event. here you can click.