Countries That Will Survive If The World Order Is Disrupted Announced


A new study has revealed the top five countries that could survive in the event of a global collapse of civilization, a kind of minor apocalypse. New Zealand is at the top of the list.

When we say global warming, pandemic, natural disasters, many of us think that the end of the world is coming. This is exactly why a new study has revealed the top five countries that would survive if civilization collapsed globally. First place among countries New Zeland while other countries Iceland, Ireland, Australia and the United Kingdom recorded as.

study led by Nick King and Professor Aled Jones of the Institute for Global Sustainability at Anglia Ruskin University (ARU); complex, global in the food supply chain system, technology networks, communication networks and global finance. discussed the possible ‘shock’ that may occur.

‘Salvation is in renewable energy’

wind turbine

Professor Aled Jones said of the research, “The shocks that have been experienced in the world for several years, what caused them and how they spread within the system, what countries need to withstand these shocks I am researching” said.

Key to survival in a scenario where overpopulation, lack of resources, or climate catastrophe could cause social collapse arable land, renewable energy production capacity and the ability to separate from collapsing communities.

‘Island countries are advantageous’

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Jones continues:Islands are pretty good. We were surprised that the UK was on the list, but being a significantly isolated region has a lot of benefits. United Kingdom, has great potential for renewable energy, thanks to coastal winds and tides.”

The top 20 countries we surveyed were the most resilient to climate change. Looking ahead to the next decade, weather and extreme changes in climatic conditions The probability of it happening seems pretty high.

How did New Zealand land in the first place?

new Zeland

All five countries have temperate climates and despite the effects of climate change consists of islands or island continents where relatively stable conditions are most likely to continue.


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of New Zealand, its ability to generate geothermal and hydroelectric power, the abundance of farmland and its low population It turned out to be the country with the highest potential to survive relatively unscathed.

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