Countries With The Cheapest And Most Expensive Internet Announced


A new study by Top Dollar ranked the countries where the internet is cheapest and most expensive, and the most convenient and unsuitable.

Today, we do everything we do online. The Internet has now gone beyond just a place where we can find information, communicate or kill time. By connecting to the internet with the phones we have, we can control the light, air conditioner, washing machine in our house, in short, that can come to mind. all kinds of objects we can manage.

Of course, our internet access is not paid. Today, there are different internet packages for use at home and mobile, and many people use both home internet and mobile. internet car pays the provider for these two packages separately. So, which countries use the most expensive and cheapest mobile internet in the world? Here is the answer to this question, by Top Dollar a made by research given.

Information before moving on to numbers: The numbers in the study are in dollars. Therefore, this research is only dollar It shows the ‘cheapest’ and ‘most expensive’ internets in terms of

Israel is at the top on two issues:

cheapest and most expensive internet

According to research with data from SpeedTest and, 10 GB of data in Israel, an average of $0.01 per megabit has a fee. This makes Israel the country with the cheapest mobile data in the world. Israel also offers the most affordable internet for the country’s average salary. internet fee, only 0.02 of the average salary covers. in the country The average download speed is 41 Mbps.

The world’s most expensive internet is used in Namibia. 10GB of data in Namibia, $11.36 per megabit sold at a price. People do not have easy access to this internet either. on the other hand Malavi’de 10 GB package sold, 841.78% above average salary is priced. So just to have the internet you have to earn more than 8 times the average salary.

The list of countries with and without the most affordable internet, led by Israel and Namibia, is as follows:

Countries where 10GB of data is cheapest per Mbps:

  1. Israel (0.01 dollars – 0.087 TL)
  2. China (0.03 dollars – 0.26 TL)
  3. Italy, Australia, France, Kyrgyzstan (0.06 dollars – 0.52 TL)
  4. Kuwait, Fiji (0.06 USD – 0.61 TL)
  5. Moldova ($ 0.06 – $ 0.69)

Countries where 10GB of data is most expensive per Mbps:

  1. Namibia ($11.36 – TL 98.31)
  2. Syria (3.20 USD – 27.69 TL)
  3. Cuba (2.82 dollars – 24.40 TL)
  4. Panama (2.34 dollars – 20.25 TL)
  5. Tajikistan (1.89 dollars – 16.36 TL)

best internet

Countries where 10GB of data is best available per Mbps:

  1. Israel (0.02% of salary)
  2. Italy (0.12% of salary)
  3. France (0.15% of salary)
  4. Denmark (0.18% of salary)
  5. Australia (0.20% of salary)

Countries where 10GB of data is not optimal per Mbps:

  1. Malawi (841.78% of salary)
  2. Chad (534.27% of salary)
  3. Central African Republic (268.25% of salary)
  4. Yemen (257.01% of salary)
  5. São Tomé ve Príncipe (maaşın %255.21’i)

What is the situation in Turkey?

  • Average mobile download speed: 41.52 Mbps
  • 10GB data, $0.15 per Mbps ($1.30)
  • 10GB of data is available at 1% of the average monthly salary per Mbps.

In the research, the affordability of mobile data (10 GB data cost to monthly salary) was calculated and converted into a percentage. The availability of mobile data (10 GB data cost to average download speed) was then calculated. all data, in May 2021 gathered.

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