Countries with the Most Vaccination


The number of vaccines administered against Covid-19 worldwide has reached 3 billion 790 million. Turkey, on the other hand, ranked 9th among the countries with the highest number of vaccinations.

of the coronavirus pandemic Vaccination efforts are of great importance. Governments around the world are working hard to vaccinate their citizens. The intensity of vaccination studies is also demonstrated by the data.

According to, where data on Covid-19 is compiled, 3 billion 790 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine have been administered worldwide. While big countries fill the first place in vaccination, Turkey also on the list at step 9 finds its place.

Most vaccines in China

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Country at the top of vaccination studies Chinese. Number of vaccinations in the country so far 1 billion 510 million dose has found. with 423 million 417 thousand vaccines Indiawith 339 million 760 thousand ABDBrazil with 130 million 250 thousand, Germany with 88 million 470 thousand, England with 83 million 20 thousand, Japan with 73 million 970 thousand, France with 67 million 230 thousand, Turkey with 64 million 829 thousand and Italy with 63 million 880 thousand. he did.


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One of the remarkable points in the table is that among the countries that have developed their own vaccines, Russia’s only 55 million 830 thousand doses of vaccine was able to be made. The highest dose of vaccine compared to the population The country in which the study was conducted was successful in administering 166.27 doses of vaccine to every 100 people. United Arab Emirates it happened.

The number of doses exceeded the population in 28 countries



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on the other hand United Arab Emirates, is not the only country to vaccinate more than its own population; 27 more countries have achieved this success. When we look at the vaccines administered in proportion to the population, we see the United Arab Emirates Malta (166,18), Seychelles (143,82), Zlanda (136.68) and Uruguay (132.95) follows.

According to the data of the Ministry of Health, 64 million 829 thousand 24 doses of vaccine have been administered in Turkey so far. When viewed from this angle Turkeybecame the 9th country in the world with the most doses of vaccines. The number of vaccines per 100 people 76,73 took place as

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