Court of Auditors: IT consolidation of the federal government has not progressed since 2018

The Federal Court of Auditors expresses sharp criticism of the currently most expensive digital project of the Federal Government: the modernization and standardization of the IT landscape in over 200 federal agencies and the ministries. Should the current problems and defects not be remedied, "the project threatens to fail", the examiners write in a confidential report from the end of May, the Mirror is present, The project has "has not achieved substantial project progress since 2018", the examiners continue in, "the previous time planning" be "no longer adhering" and "unrealistic",

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Above all, the financial risks for the federal budget are still "far greater than currently thought", Already last year it had become known that the planned costs of the overall project, which started in 2015 and will run for ten years, should rise from the original one billion to 3.43 billion euros.

The IT consolidation of the federal government was decided by the Cabinet in 2015 and originally estimated at one billion euros. At the core, uniform IT workplaces are to be set up in almost 200 authorities and ministries. So far, there is a proliferation of computers, software and procedures.

The project management for the IT consolidation federal government is located in the Ministry of the Interior, which has no authority to instruct the contracted federal service provider, this is located at the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Defense. The examiners also criticize the "lack of consensus" of the ministries. At least since this spring, important parts of the project "shut down in an orderly fashion" and "Set"as it is called in internal writing.

He understand that in the face of "serious additional costs must now put everything to the test"said the IT representative of the federal government, State Secretary Klaus Vitt, the mirror. The path taken, however, was "without alternative", At some point, the authorities would have to renew their systems. "If they do it on their own, it gets even more expensive." The government is checking "intensive" different models, it says in the Ministry of Finance. "A result of these tests does not exist yet."

According to information from the Ministry of the Interior, about ten million euros went to consulting firms in 2016, the following year to 26.2 million euros. Last year consultancy costs rose to 31 million euros.