COVID-19 Drug Achieves 99 Percent Success in Animal Experiments


The COVID-19 drug developed by the Spanish company PharmaMar was successful in animal experiments. The drug succeeded in reducing the COVID-19 viruses that settle in the lungs by 99 percent.

Continuing to increase rapidly all over the world coronavirus The pandemic is trying to be controlled, especially with the vaccines released in the last few months. Currently, vaccines developed by many countries, especially those from China, are used in our country or studies are being conducted in this direction. Apart from these vaccines, vaccination and drug studies in many parts of the world, including our country, continue without slowing down. The latest information is the Spanish pharmaceutical company PharmaMarcame from.

PharmaMar, the drug developed against COVID-19 99 percent success in animal testing announced. Unlike the vaccine, this drug, which will be administered to patients caught with coronavirus, will move to the 3rd stage after clinical trials and will be used for the treatment of COVID-19.


99 percent reduction in COVID-19 virus in the lungs

Announced with the article published in the science journal Science, PharmaMar’s drug developed in the lungs of animals with coronavirus It reduced the COVID-19 virus by 99 percent specified. The drug, originally designed for cancer treatment, was revised for COVID-19 during the pandemic period and clinical trials were conducted. After the first results, PharmaMar is preparing to move to the 3rd stage in clinical trials. eEF1A protein explained that by blocking it creates an antiviral effect against COVID-19.



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Following the article published on the drug, PharmaMar’s shares rose 21 percent in the Madrid stock market. Drugs, which are very important especially for getting rid of COVID-19 fully, are combined with vaccines. that these days are in the past might help. We will continue to inform you as new information about the drug becomes available.

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