COVID-19 Patients Can Show Symptoms Even After Months

Not a day goes by that nothing new emerges about COVID-19, which has become the center of our lives. A new study has now revealed that COVID-19 patients can show symptoms even months later.

A new research COVID-19people caught in in more than a third revealed that the symptoms persisted or recurred months after diagnosis, meaning that the number of potentially long-term COVID-19 cases was greater than previously thought.

PLOS Medicine According to the study, published Tuesday in the journal Cell, researchers estimated that about %36from the diagnosis of three and six months He later found that he was still reporting COVID-19-like symptoms. Most of the previous studies have %10 ila %30He assumed that post-COVID-19 symptoms continued.

At least 1 in 3 patients show symptoms even months later:


The study was carried out with the participation of 388 thousand 67 people in total. 273 thousand 618 of these people consisted of patients with COVID-19. The control group of the study consisted of 114,449 flu patients. Anonymized data was scanned across millions of electronic health records to identify the study group.

Researchers specifically looked at symptoms such as chest/throat pain, abnormal breathing, abdominal symptoms, fatigue, depression, headaches, cognitive dysfunction, and muscle pain. of the research, More than 1 in 3 patients diagnosed with COVID-19 after 3 to 6 months demonstrated to have one or more of the characteristics of long-term COVID-19 recorded announced.


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Also, roughly the number of people with long-term COVID-19 three to six months after diagnosis %40had no record of such symptoms in the previous three months and the chance of presenting symptoms of COVID-19 months after the acute phase of the illness according to flu twice as high was also revealed. Additionally, the Oxford team concluded that people who recover from more severe COVID-19 illness are also more likely to contract long-term COVID-19.

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