Creepypasta Horror Stories You Shouldn’t Believe


There are dozens of Creepypasta horror stories written by some anonymous people, especially in the early years of the internet. We laughed and forgot some of these. But some still remain indispensable horror stories of readers’ nightmares. We’ve talked about some Creepypasta horror stories that have been a phenomenon for a while in the internet world.

Creepypasta horror stories We met its definition for the first time in the forums that enabled us to socialize in the early years of the internet. At that time, social media platforms were not that common, and users were sharing some scary stories on forum sites that they entered with pseudonyms. Narrated horror stories It was quite frightening as it was described as if it had happened on their own or had a friend lived.

Time has passed and we have learned not to easily believe anything we see on the internet. However, some memories are not so easily forgotten. Narrated Creepypasta horror stories sometimes he inspired a movie or a book, sometimes he turned into an urban legend, making sure that the scraps of horror he left in the hearts will remain forever. Here are some of the users that have terrified the internet world for a while. Creepypasta horror stories.


Creepypasta horror stories, which were a phenomenon in the internet world for a while:

  • Dolls that cannot be silenced.
  • Facebook messages of the dead lover.
  • Russian sleep experiments.
  • The elevator to the morgue.
  • Tommy is not attending school today.

The dolls that could not be silenced, which were also the subject of many films:


Location USA, Southern Illinois. Especially for expectant mothers who do not yet have motherhood experience in rural areas realistic dolls produced and these dolls were sold to expectant mothers at affordable prices. The dolls were crying, getting hungry, and wearing them just like real dolls. Thus, expectant mothers would have knowledge and experience about baby care before embracing their own babies.

After the expectant mothers gave birth to their children, dolls started not behaving as expected. In everybody’s house dolls cry all the time and these dolls, which are normally easily silenced, just wouldn’t stop. For toys that sometimes needed to hit or press hard to silence, the dose of violence had to be increased.

The dolls were silent only when the mechanism in their heads was smashed. But in the meantime, some neighbors were disturbed because they made too much noise and informed the police. The police, who came to the house where the voice was, found the whole house in blood. And mothers are confused, in their hands standing with an empty swaddle in the form of a baby they were just claiming that they smashed their toys. However, the blood belonged to the owner of the empty arson.

Netflix makes a sure series of this: Facebook messages of a dead lover.

dead dear facebook messages

Nathan, a software developer, lost his 5-year girlfriend Emily in a car accident in 2012. When the time passes, they talk to Emily’s family and close all of her social media accounts. However, about a year after the accident, from Emily’s Facebook account Messages begin to arrive for Nathan. The message asks what to do on Sunday.

Nathan thinks someone has taken over the account or made a bad joke, but what’s written special enough that only the two will know are things. Over time, Emily’s Facebook account begins to tag herself in Nathan’s photos. When Nathan gets angry and texts the account, he receives meaningless replies that he thought were copied from previous messages.

When it detects where the account has been logged in, it will be shocked. Because the location where the account is entered is your own home. Nathan, who can no longer sleep in his eyes, is well aware of a photo from Emily. it comes to the point of losing your mind. The photograph was taken from the door of his own room, in his own home. The last thing known about Nathan is, ‘I’m afraid to enter the house,’ which he sent to his friend. message.

Russian sleep experiments that push the limits of your imagination:

russian sleep experiments

Russian scientists conduct a sleep experiment on captives taken during the Second World War. According to this experiment, the subjects will be confined in a room, Some gas will be given to keep them from sleeping and what the situation was would be observed. Five subjects were placed in a wall-glass room with sufficient water, food, books, bed and toilet. Everything went well in the first 5 days of the experiment.

After the 5th day, the subjects stopped talking to each other and started whispering strange things into the microphones where the scientists were listening to them. On the 9th day, two subjects are several hours apart. screamed until her vocal cords shattered and they fell silent. The other subjects freaked out to smash the pages of the book and completely shut the window of the room. It was calm until the 14th day. The subjects told the scientists, who said they would go inside on the 14th day, that they no longer wanted to be free.

According to the instructions of the scientists, a soldier who entered the room died, the remaining subjects smashed each other until their organs came out and that the food was not touched. he saw them eating each other. The subjects refused treatment and wanted gas again so that they did not sleep. During the treatment process, when one more died, the remaining 3 subjects were placed in the experimental room again. But at this point, considering that the experiment was controlled, the subjects were killed and some soldiers committed suicide. The last words of the last subject are “We are actually you.” happened.

Elevator to the morgue:


A doctor left the operating room and took the elevator to his room. With her at the same age as herself, from her clothes there is a person who is understood to be sick. As the elevator goes down, it stops on one floor. There is a child in sick clothes and asks if the elevator is down. The doctor looks at the patient and presses the button that will close the door, saying that the elevator goes up. The patient is confused.

When the elevator door closes, the patient asks the doctor why he did not let the child in. The doctor says that he knew the boy and that the boy died of cancer last week. The child is going to the morgue, This situation can be recognized by the blue color bracelet on his wrist. The patient is a little surprised. He asks how so, showing his own wrist, like my bracelet?

Tommy is not attending school today:


A little boy named John woke up like every morning and started to go to school by getting on the school bus. As he is a habit, he listens to music and watches around along the way. The service stops in front of his house to pick up one of his friends, Tommy, whom he is not very sincere with, but there are no coming and going. Thinking Tommy was sick continues on the service road.

Arriving at his home at the end of a normal day, John learns that a terrible murder has been committed on the news and that Tommy and his entire family have been killed by an unidentified person. In the morning of a sleepless night, he gets on the bus again to go to school. Since the driver is unaware of the events, the service stops outside his house to pick up Tommy. Tommy and his family They signal their pale faces that Tommy won’t come through the window. The service continues on its way.

We talked about some Creepypasta horror stories that were a phenomenon in the internet world for a while. These just a fiction Remember that there is no reality whatsoever. If you have unforgettable Creepypasta horror stories similar to these, you can share them in the comments.